Become a Sponsor

There’s no way around it – to simply exist, we require the support of community organizations so that we, in turn, can support our riders and racers and spread the word about women in outdoor sports.

Your gift to us is immeasurable. As such, we work hard to partner with sponsors with whom we can nurture a mutually-beneficial relationship, for whom we can offer support and thanks through our business, and through whom we can build strong, active women from the inside out.

Do you want to support and organization of women in cycling, running, swimming, paddling, equestrian, and hiking?

Do you want to pursue a unique approach to advertising and spreading the impact of your business?

Do you think the Vixens would be a great addition to your community partnerships list?

The Vixens hand-select sponsors that exhibit the lifestyle we promote and with whom we can be mutually-beneficial. We have multiple levels of sponsorship available and would love to help you see if the Vixens are a good fit for you and your organization. Interested in seeing how sponsoring the Vixens benefits you? Take a look at our pre-packaged sponsorship form. Request a meeting, phone call, or email with additional information.

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