Want to be a Vixen?

New and returning members can take advantage of two different membership options!

  1. With a membership Gift ($50)
  2. Without a membership Gift ($45)

Membership is by calendar year only (January – December)

Go to our MEMBERSHIP tab in the navigation, fill out the form to tell us more about yourself, and then process payment! 


2018 Cycling & Triathlon Kits COming Soon…


VeloVixens Cotton/Poly Tee (women’s fit) – $12 (SOLD OUT)

Indicate your tee size here.


VeloVixens The North Face Race Tee (women’s fit) 100% Polyester – $10


Buy Now Button

Velo Vixens May 2016 6

VeloVixen Swim Cap – $10

Buy Now Button


Sock Guy “Foxy” Socks – $8 (SOLD OUT)



There are no getaways/retreats available for registration at this time.

Please RSVP in the Members-Only section of the website.


Clinics are open to Members only. Female, non-members may register for clinics after filling out the membership form and paying membership dues.

Women Only DoJo Course: Learn more and sign up HERE >>>

Photography Use Fee

Some of our members photograph events, and have donated rights to their photography to fund-raise for the Vixens. Please consider donating $3/photo if you choose to use the photos posted on our Facebook page in any way (including, but not limited to, printing, creating profile picture, posting on your own website, etc.)





One response to “Store

  1. Great Photos Ladies… Great Results also on the race… thanks for making these photos available on the honor system. I made a 50.00 donation because you all were so cool about it. Heres to a great club and a good season.


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