Eirana’s New Bike – Merry Christmas

We wanted to do something for a little girl in the community to help get one more person out on a bike and outside to play. What better time to do it? Thanks East Ridge Bikes for helping make a little girl’s Christmas that much more memorable.

Eirana's new bike

Eirana is so happy to get a new bike, a early Santa Claus.

The Vixens and East Ridge Bikes came together and presented the bicycle to Eirana Franklin today at the shop. She was so surprised and as soon as we got a helmet on her, she was outside trying out her new bike. Within minutes, she was riding around the parking lot with no feet, showing us her skills.

East Ridge was so gracious to more than match our donations received from a raffle and previous meeting. I know it felt great to all those involved to see this sweet little girl smile and to be giving during the holidays to those who may not be as fortunate as we are.

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