Heather Hamilton: Race Team Member

heather2 Where is your homebase Heather?

Chattanooga, TN

What type of races do you enjoy?

Mountain Biking, Trail Running

What have been your 5 race highlights so far?

Round the Rim Run 10K
Rock/Creek River Gorge 6.5 Mile Run – Longest trail run
Pick Your Poison Mtn Bike Race – First bike race
Raccoon Mountain XC Mtn Bike Race
Black Bear Rampage 20 Mile Bike Race – Longest bike race

What is a cycling dream you have?

I’d love to podium one day. I also think I’d really enjoy a mountain bike camping trip where we bike in and camp. Of course a trip to Moab to ride on a different terrain would be cool too.

What has been your best moment with the Velo Vixens so far?

There are so many, how to choose. I’d have to say that having the support at my first bike race (and every other bike race) was something that will always stand out to me. Even the [Facebook] support is just fantastic especially for someone who didn’t have a huge network of active friends before. Also, knowing there is always another strong, active, fun lady to go for a ride with is awesome.


What is your favorite piece of gear? And why?

That would have to be my camelbak as simple as that is. As a beginner I had to stop a lot for water at first and now having the ability to ride while drinking allows me to build more power and endurance. Such a simple thing but valuable.

What’s your advice for a future Velo Vixen?

Join! The benefits of being a Vixen are incredible. Support, friendship, social gatherings and motivation are at your fingertips. You can be as active or inactive as you can/want. It’s a fabulous group of women.


Photos courtesy of Matt Richardson

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