Monica Desjardins: Race Team Member

Where is your homebase Monica?

North Chattanooga, TN

What type of races do you enjoy?

Road Cycling, Mountain Biking

What have been your 5 race highlights so far?

  • 12 hours of Zombie Apocalypse night race
  • Mud fest at 12 hours of Tsali with Noel and Elizabeth
  • Placing first in the Raccoon Mountain Cross Country in SS class on my home brew 26er rigid ss
  • Getting cheered on by fellow vixens Tonya and Karen at the 5 point 50
  • Finally getting a podium for a 6 hour at The Classic Stand Taco

What is a cycling dream you have?

I’d like to train and complete a half century tandem with my daughter this summer or next

What has been your best moment with the Velo Vixens so far?

The weekend get-a-way to Mulberry Gap of course

What is your favorite piece of gear? And why?

Started using the Ergon grip and realized that wrist and hand pain doesn’t have to be a part of long rides.

What’s your advice for a future Velo Vixen?

We are group of ladies who just want to get as much out of life as possible. It’s so awesome to use sports to achieve this, by sharing experiences and building each other up.

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