Ready, Set, Race — Chasing the Vixens

Karen sweeping the raceLast Saturday was the first time a bunch of Velo Vixens volunteered at the Tennessee Youth Mountain Bike Racing (TYMBR) series, and we had a blast! All volunteers agreed it was THE BEST event to volunteer for, seeing the sparkle in the kids eyes and their excitement when crossing the finish line made every second worth it.

Coloring TableCohutta Racing scheduled races for seven different age groups, from half a mile to 12 miles. The Velo Vixens provided some ride leaders & sweepers, as well as little charms for the female podiums. We also had a coloring table ready and some refreshing watermelon for after the race.

Here is a race report from the eye of the mother, Vixen Terri cheering on Kai, her 6 year old:

Mother with her racing kid“Eyes wide, palms on grips, helmet clipped, power pedal up… ready, set , race.  My child rides away on his tiny bicycle into the forest, chasing  this  foxy “Vixen” rabbit named Karen,  jockeying for a trail position.  He is out of view, and now I wait and wonder.  Will he be successful?  Will he enjoy this?  I hear multiple voices of encouragement from the wooded trail, and I am calmed knowing he is involved in an organized, supported, kid friendly event.

As he rides through the finish line, the smile on his face is precious.  He is smitten with satisfaction.  

Reflecting on this race, his GoPro helmet cam showed that even a five year old can engage in sporting camaraderie, as evidenced by his commentary with his other mini race competitors.  

gopro kids mtb video

Cohutta Racings TYMBR series offers a fantastic way to encourage kids to engage in a healthy activity or sport that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime.  Through my parent eyes of a novice rider, the age group category we experienced,  I feel as though the route was oriented for success and the “competition” was low key. 

Thank you everyone for putting together a wonderful event.”

Interested in volunteering, cheering on riders, or signing your own mini-me up for a race? You can find out more information about the TYMBR series on their website.

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