Heather Hamilton: Race Team Member 2014

Heather racing her first night race

Heather starting her first lap at the 6 hour Night Shift Race at Enterprise South

Where is your homebase Heather?

Chattanooga, TN

What type of races do you enjoy?

Mountain Biking, Trail Running

What have been your 5 race highlights so far?

  • 2010 Rock/Creek River Gorge 6.5 mile trail race – longest trail race
  • 2013 Pick Your Poison XC – first bike race
  • 2013 Raccoon Mountain XC – the most challenging race
  • 2013 Black Bear Rampage 20 mile – longest race
  • 2014 Pick Your Poison XC – shaved 10 minutes of last years race time, placed 4th

What is a cycling dream you have?

To podium. I’d also like to ride in some of the longer races like maybe Black Bear Rampage 40 Mile and the 5-Points 50.

What has been your best moment with the Velo Vixens so far?

Race day with the Velo Vixens. I love riding alongside my teammates and seeing so many of us standing on the podium. I also enjoy seeing friendly faces at SAG stops or sitting at the top of a big, nasty climb cheering you on.

What is your favorite piece of gear? And why?

Lynskey Ridgeline 29er. I love my bike.

What’s your advice for a future Velo Vixen?

If you enjoy being active there’s something for you here. Support, friendship, motivation, and fun! I’m so happy I joined.

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