Mindy Jamieson: “I Was Ready to Quit…”

mindyMindy Jamieson joined the VeloVixens for the first time in May 2014. After a car accident two years ago, she admits, “I basically dropped all the outdoor activities I loved — hiking, biking, all of it. I was in pain.” Determined to turn things around, she signed up for a 10k for her birthday a year ago. And this year, celebrating her birthday today, Mindy is proud to say that she has completed three sprint triathlons and has fallen in love with cycling:  “It’s been a huge milestone for me… I had no idea where to start. I had to learn everything. I had never been a swimmer. I had to relearn how to ride a bike, and running was harder than ever with the extra weight and aches and pains.


Mindy practicing changing a tube at an East Ridge Bikes clinic.

She attributes part of her success to the support and encouragement of the Vixens, with special thanks to Vixens Lisa Walser-Anderson, Cat Thornton, Lori Kopeski, Lori Cranfill, Tonya Chaffin, Jamie Wallis, the East Ridge Bicycles team and rides. Just three triathlons in (we expect more great things out of this one!), Mindy says she noticed a huge difference in her level of confidence between her first and third tri. “I lost some weight, and then by the last one I did (last weekend), I had my best time/pace in the bike and run. I had moments this summer where I was ready to quit because I was so frustrated. I was scraped and bruised from falling off the bike and frustrated I didn’t see the progress. But, I didn’t quit because I had the accountability of meeting people for a ride, and the help from people who stayed behind and didn’t drop my slow butt, but gave me tips on how to improve and cheered me on.


Mindy and a friend getting ready to race.

What advice does Mindy have for ladies wanting the same change or experiencing the same frustration? Join the Vixens! “I’ve gotten at least one person to join, and I’m still working on 2 more. There’s not really any other place that I’ve found where people are so willing to help and encourage. And not only that, but there’s so much fun stuff to do. I’m kind of an introvert, but I’ve found some great new friends to go biking, hiking and running with so I’m not alone. Also, I’m not even new to the area, but I found out all these cool new places that I can bike. So definitely great for someone new to town too!


Mindy’s first triathlon in the books!

The Vixens are super proud of Mindy and her dedication, determination, and encouragement!

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