Santa Came a Little Late – Presenting the Velo Vixens kit design for 2015!

Now that everyone has unpacked their new cycling gadgets and, for some lucky ones, even new bikes, we’d like to unveil a final Christmas surprise:

We are excited to present the new Velo Vixens team kits for the year 2015! Together with Biemme, we have designed a refreshing & colorful jersey to reflect all the fun times & camaraderie that we have as a club. We chose to stick with the teal, black & red colors from last season, however adding kaleidoscope pattern to underline our insanity. No worries, no head-to-toe color shock; rather, a more strategically-placed pattern on the sleeves and leg band to compliment block of bold color.

A little bit about Biemme: Biemme has provided technical clothing for cycling since 1978. Biemme products are manufactured in their own factories in Italy to ensure the highest quality in garment craftsmanship. We can’t wait to show them off in our new cycling & triathlon kits!

We couldn’t exist without the support of our wonderful sponsors, and all of our members are excited to display them on their kits while training, racing or volunteering. We think our sponsors are good as gold, and you’d be hard-pressed to find better businesses and community leaders! We recommend you pay them a visit the next time you’re looking for something they offer!

Soon all members will have the chance to try on fit kits in one of our bike shop sponsors: Scott’s Bicycle Centre, East Ridge Bicycles or Suck Creek Cycles. Stay tuned, as dates will be announced soon in the members-only Facebook group & via email newsletter. We hope to place our orders by January 15th, 2015. More details to follow.

If you’re interested in wearing the Velo Vixens colors in 2015, you can find more details about membership deals here.

We are currently offering a special t-shirt deal with yearly membership for only $35 ends December 31st, 2014. Hurry & start your New Year’s resolutions early!

Velo Vixens Jersey:


Arm Warmers


Cycling Vest:


Bibs & Shorts:


Cycling Jackets:


Triathlon Kits:



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