Meet Your 2017 Board

Your votes were counted, and here’s your Board line up:

President- Brittany Schield

Why you joined the board and what you hope to accomplish this year? I joined the board to help organize and keep the momentum of the club going. My vision for 2017 is to bring members together for more activities, whether that be volunteering, working out, racing or socializing and having fun getting to know each other! We have a strong group of women and I hope we can continue to inspire other women in our community to get out there! 🙂
What activities do you participate in?
Running(road and trail), road cycling, mountain biking(I still consider myself a beginner!), swimming(when it’s required for a triathlon), triathlon, and anything that gets me outside!

Vice President- Ashley King

I have joined because I absolutely love this club and for what it stands for: Women getting together and being active! Some of my goals for 2017 are to be more involved in the community and get the club members together for meetups more frequently! My activities include: running, yoga, mountain biking, road cycling, triathlons, and hiking. I would love to join in on new sports if the opportunity arises. I really enjoy racing and this year plan to add in a few mountain bike races and less triathlons. I can’t wait to train along side all these wonderful women!

Secretary- Rachel McClard 

Hey all, I’ll be your notetaker extraordinaire his year.  I am Army brat raised, with Arkansas roots, and would you believe it, I married a Yankee!  I am a climber gone mountain biker over the years, and I joined the Vixens with hopes of getting to know more gals motivated in this amazing sport. I now proudly own my first bike and I desired a Board position to fully dive into the mountain biking scene and culture, and help give back where I can. My husband works second shift, therefore, I’ll be looking for riding buddies on evenings and weekends he’s working. When he is not working, we really enjoy backpacking, hiking, and cooking together.  I look forward to keeping you all informed and up to date, while getting to know many of you better through this role!
Treasurer- Kat Storti
I joined the board to help out a group that brings something unique to our community. I have been a member for about 6 months and have really enjoyed getting to meet a great group of active women in a new city. My goal is to increase revenue for the group so we can do more activities in the coming years. I mountain bike, long distance back pack, ski and paddleboard regularly; I dabble in road biking and running also. I participate in smaller races around town and hope to do a long mountain bike race this year!

New positions added to the board:

Social Media & Sponsorship Coordinator- Lauran Fletcher
I joined the board because I have been a member for two years, but wanted to get more involved. I hope to implement and maintain relationships with all of our wonderful sponsors and increase the Vixens presence on all social media platforms. Our members are doing great things and people need to know about it!
I road ride, mountain bike, and dabble in triathlons. I “race” pretty casually, but I plan on doing 3 State 3 Mountain and Big Frog 65 this year and maybe throwing a few others in there for fun.

Activity Coordinator- Wendy Willson

Hi Vixens.  I’m Wendy Willson (yes, 2 L’s), your new activity coordinator.  My life consists of my daughter and my bike.  My daughter is six years old and loves to mountain bike with me; she also races with TYMBR.  I participate in many activities including mountain biking, SUP, gravel riding, Crossfit, hiking, Olympic lifting, and sparse running. Some things I would like to facilitate include a bike packing trip, bike/camping activities, running groups, swim meetups, biking opportunities of all kinds, tri-athlete events, as well as clinics in about all the multi-sports we do. I would also like to see what interest there is in a Vixen Kit club for our daughters who love to ride too (nothing official, just social rides). I look forward to creating these events and coordinating others for you all to try or just have some events to look forward to.  Please leave me your desires for events or great things happening in the community (in a personal message) and I will be sure to make it available to as many people as possible.
Community Coordinator- Susanna Kirby
Everyone already knows we have the best looking kits in town and that our members are some of Chattanooga’s finest athletes. In 2017, I’d like for outsiders to take note of how much the Velo Vixens contribute to Chattanooga’s multi-sport and outdoor communities. I believe volunteering will provide a lot of great publicity for our club! Heck – we are the volunteer state!
I am a swimmer, runner, cyclist, and (no surprise) triathlete. I am also an aspiring competitive eater.

The board recently enjoyed having a board meeting at our sponsors, Hutton & Smith Brewing!

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