First Meeting of 2019

Welcome to 2019 fellow ladies of the outdoors! We had a great turnout last night and look forward to even more events coming up in February. East Ridge Bicycles was our host and we love having our first annual meeting at their shop. Some topics covered last night were: Board elections for 2019, Race Team Applications and discussion, sponsors, suggestions for the new year, planned events, and other exciting things happening with the Vixens.

The Board for 2019 is as follows:

President: Ashley Main

Vice President: Mindy Evans

Treasurer: Lauran Fletcher

Secretary: Monica Desjarden

Social Media/ Sponsorship Coordinator: Kat Storti

Activity Coordinator: Chelsea Schwabe

If you are interested in racing with us, be on the lookout for an updated race team form along with benefits for racing! To recap, we are a non-competitive, multi-sport race team, meaning it doesn’t matter if you win or what sport you do, just wear our kit and have fun! We will make a future post regarding the race team and application once it’s ready.

All of our sponsors are staying on board for another year and we are forever grateful! Log into the membership page to see who they are and what each one offers us (side note, we are still updating a few terms but that should be ready in 1-2 weeks).

We have several new events lined up that I’m really excited about. Refer to your members email or facebook page for all the details. Some of them are:

Spa Night

Workout with the Fitness Pros

Bring your man (or friend) to the Barre

Vixens only ride with Cyclebar

….and much more!

Something to also be on the lookout for is monthly rides. We want to bring back having regularly scheduled rides and possibly runs as well for those who don’t ride. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months (aka warmer weather).

There are also a lot of community events going around. I’d really like to see Vixens out there and involved! If you see something you think the Vixens have a good presence at, please send an email to so we can investigate and potentially get it on our schedule. Also, send any other suggestions or ideas you may have regarding what you’d like to see the club do this year! We’re here to bring women together!


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