Meet Your 2019 Board!

Among this amazing group of women is a set of ladies who help keep the engine of the Vixens running. These women do everything from plan events, to reaching out to sponsors, to come up with new ideas. They are hard at work to make the Velo Vixens the best group to be a part of!

President: Ashley Main

Welcome!! I’m Ashley and I’m married to a fellow outdoors enthusiast and have 2 kiddos who are 5 & 6! This will be my fourth year on the board and I absolutely love this club and for what it stands for: Women getting together and being active! This group is how I have made some amazing friendships, how I have been challenged personally and physically, and I am really looking forward to what 2019 holds for the Vixens as a whole! My activities include: running, yoga, mountain biking, road cycling, triathlons, and hiking. I really enjoy racing and this year plan to add in a few mountain bike races back into my schedule. I can’t wait to train along side all these wonderful women!

Vice President: Mindy Evans

Hello! I’m Mindy. I moved to Chattanooga in 2006 to attend UTC and never left because it is an amazing city. I found the Vixens in 2017 and love being a part of a community with like-minded women who can encourage and motivate each other which is why I am excited to be your new Vice President this year!  Biking is what I am most passionate about but I enjoy traveling (usually to places where I can bike), running, swimming and all things outdoors. I started racing last year and plan to continue that as I love the competition. I plan to run in the Chattanooga half marathon, and I have my first triathlon planned in June! When I’m not on my bike, I work as an Accounting Analyst at EMJ Corporation and I am also a dog mom to an 8 year old Basset Hound named Alice. I look forward to seeing all of you on the trails!

Treasurer: Lauran Fletcher

This is my second year as treasurer for the Vixens and my third year on the board. I’ve really enjoyed the strong relationships I’ve built with my frisky fox friends over the past few years. My goal is to increase revenue for the group so we can do more activities in the coming years.

I am primarily into mountain biking, but occasionally you’ll find me on my road bike or running a bit. I enjoy racing and plan to do a few mountain bike races this year.


Secretary: Monica Desjarden

I am a busy mom of a preteen and also a stroke nurse.  In addition to my family, my passion is also cycling, I enjoy all aspects of bikes in general. I love being active and ripping it on the trails, road, or even gym with my ladies. This year I am training for the Pisgah Stage Race and some other longer endurance races, a few road races, and even an enduro.  There are definitely have some challenges ahead of me this year, and with the help of my awesome inspiring family, Vixens and sponsors, I am ready to FULL SEND into this new year!

Activity Coordinator: Chelsea Schwabe

Hey y’all! My name is Chelsea and I am your new Activity Coordinator for 2019. I would consider myself a Professional Recreator, as I work full time at YMCA Camp Ocoee. In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking and road riding, hiking, rock climbing, playing ultimate frisbee, camping, star gazing, gardening….Pretty much anything outdoors! I have been a Velo Vixen since 2017 and have loved the amazing adventures I have been on and the friendships I have cultivated throughout my time. Because of the Vixens, I have become more confident in mountain biking (crossing my first stream in 2017!) to the point that I am helping lead a mountain bike mentoring program in Chattanooga called Little Bellas. Women encouraging other women to do awesome things – That’s what it’s all about! As your Social Chair, I am super excited to work closely with our sponsors to put on a mixture of social and active events, as well as provide more group exercise activities. Let’s sweat together and make some awesome memories in 2019!

Social Media & Sponsorship Coordinator: Kat Storti

I joined the board to help out a group that brings something unique to our community. I have been a member for 3 years now and have really enjoyed getting to meet a great group of active women in Chattanooga. My goal is maintain healthy relationships with our sponsors and promote them on our social media! This ensures that we can have more activities and support from the community in the coming year. I mountain bike, long distance backpack, ski and paddlebaord regularly, along with some road riding and running. I am hoping to race again this year as well!

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