Stringer’s Ridge Trails: Grand Opening

On Saturday, September 7, a small crowd started to gather at Renaissance Park, off Manufacturer’s Rd/Cherokee Blvd, on the Northshore of downtown Chattanooga. Minutes later, a crowd had formed, all excited to be riding bikes to the grand opening of Chattanooga’s newest trail system, Stringer’s Ridge.

We were a small army, attacking the easy road route up to the main trail head and parking lot. To see the looks on people’s faces as we rode (in style of course) up the last hill was priceless. The Vixens had several members representing the club at the grand opening. More importantly, we were there supporting our sponsor, BikeToursDirect (Jim Johnson), and showing off our callused hands, scraped legs, and bug-bit skin from spending hours helping open the trails.

We are so proud of all the hard work that was required to build and open Stringer’s Ridge. Selfishly, too, we are excited to have a new trail system literally in our back yards. Here’s to early morning and post-work training rides and getting more people to enjoy mountain biking!


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