Lisa Anderson: 2013 in Review

lisapodiumMy 2013 race season at glance – Back to Racing

This is my Nascar style imitation to show my appreciation and gratitude to some special individuals. I don’t blog or write race reports and refuse to post on Strava, but I promised my Velo Vixen Race Team that I would report on my 2013 season so here is my story.

2013 was fantastic and the year I got “Back into Training”. In 2009, I got tired of racing and stopped focusing on training. During the next few years, I worked out and even did two Ironman Triathlons, but the desire to race was gone. It took me four years to realize how much I missed racing, but I’m back and having fun. Even though I haven’t regained the speed, I’m satisfied with my 2013 results. I discovered training is harder now and I don’t recover as quickly. Is it my age or complications of Neurofibromatosis? I’m not sure, but I’m enjoying training and racing.

Thanks to the following:

Tim Anderson: I’m lucky to have my best friend/husband to train by my side. I think there were more times he held back for me during or long training rides although there were times when I towed his butt  and I had a better run time at Beach2Battleship.

Stan Corcoran: Thanks to one of the greatest swim coaches. You have a rough job ahead of turning a triathlete into a swimmer.

Brad DeVaney and Family: Thanks for conversation and those subtle little pushes on the taco night rides. And thanks for hanging around when I crashed my cute Litespeed Citico that you designed (as my husband rode off). Special thanks to the rest of the family (Sharon and Jonah) for hosting SAG stops and letting us borrow other essentials that I promise to return.

Garth Mansfield andEast Ridge Bicycles: Thanks for always being there and taking care of my last minute special orders.

Infinit Nutrition: With my custom formula, I’m taking in 195 calories on the run and 260 per hour on the bike with no GI or other issues.

Katie Malone of Malone Coaching: Thanks to Katie who has coached me on and off for 7 years. She might be one of the few who understands the way my mind works. This has been a great comeback year and thank you Katie for putting the fun back into training. I do apologize for the names your were called when I did some of your workouts.

Danielle Mitchell, MD –Chattanooga Sports Institute and Center for Health: Thanks to an incredible lady and physician for getting me healthy. I could say more, but that would be another story.

Ooltewah Swim Center: Thanks to the staff for being open at 0500.

Jim O’Brien and The Right Gear: I drive 5 hours to see my favorite bike mechanic. Jim is a wealth of knowledge and has fit me for a custom Lynskey & Guru. Plus he has impeccable taste for Italian food.

John Ross, DC of Ross Chiropractic Clinic: Thanks for offering me the freedom and convenience to train. I have a fantastic job doing what I love most which is getting patients back to a healthy lifestyle.

Scott’s Bicycle Centre: Thanks for always having my nutritional and last minute needs. It is always great visiting the Coulter Family and the stores four legged friends.

Velo Vixens/Tri Club Training Buddies. It is always great fun training with friends. I love racing from my Vixens and appreciate their support.

Looking Ahead/What is Neurofibromatosis?

I’m racing Irorman Coeur d’Alene on June 29 among a few other long distance races in 2014 and will make my debut in Xterra. I also plan to race Ironman Mt. Tremblant in 2015 to raise money for the Children Tumor Foundations which raises money for Neurofibromatosis. Running is and will remain my true love and I will once again run a sub 40 min 10k. I have Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) which is probably responsible for some of my aches and pains. NF1 is a genetic disorder of the nervous system that causes tumors to grow on nerves, bones, skins, or anywhere in the body. There is no prevention or cure of NF1 and there is no way to determine or predict when and where more tumors will grow. There are of other complication s of NF which often lead to a shortened lifspan/death. NF is the reason Tim and I opted not to have children. Luckily I have yet to suffer any major complications of the disease other than the cosmetic issues skin issues of the tumors on my skin which didn’t exist when I was younger and will increase as I age. I’m comfortable with the tumors and would rather have “tumors” on the skin than growing in my brain or pressing on the spinal column or other organs. Now, I will say admit it really is irritating when I hear the superficial comments or people whispering behind my back wondering what those things are on my skin and wonder why I don’t get them off… But this world is filled with superficial selfish people and I have yet to figure out how to fix stupid…. I can only educate. It is scary not knowing what the future holds, but I’m thankful to be healthy and racing with the disease.

2013 Race Results/Events: I despise posing results as I’m rarely happy with my performance as I believe there is always room for improvement, but here they are:

2nd Annual TCPS Hawk Run 5k Challenge – 1st OA Female (Slow time, but will admit that it always nice to hear the crowd say you are the first female)

Chickamauga Chase 15k – 1st Age Group, 6th female OA 1:09: Faster than last year, far from a PR, and managed not to cough until the end)

Italian Road Bike Festival 70ish mile Ride– 1st Female

Wild Trails 15k Trail Run – 3rd Female or as I was told: Longest trail run!!! (No awards race)

Mountain Madness Half Triathlon turned dualthlon– 1st Masters, 4th Female OA

Ride for Miracles – Metric Century

Wild Rose Sprint Triathlon – 2nd OA Female: I’m still upset about the 2nd place. I made the mental mistake of slowing down when I took the lead on the bike. I lost the rabbit to chase when I took the lead and ended up getting passed back on the run. In 10 years of racing triathlon, this was the 2nd time I was passed by female during a sprint distance triathlon.

Stumpy Creek Olympic Triathlon – 3rd AG: I was racing back in NC with the fast girls on my new HED wheels and got my butt kicked, but got to see Hope & Benji Jones and my NC racing buddies. I discovered that riding 260 mile during the previous week wasn’t a sufficient taper 

Open Arms Challenge Metric Century – Not Timed

Beach Full Distance 2 Battleship – 21 OA, 2nd AG 12:06 (Beat husband on the run!)

Purple Stride 5k – 1st Female: This race supports pancreatic cancer research and done in memory of my mother and grandmother who both died from the disease.

Sports Barn Turkey Trot 8k – 1st AG/9th Female 35:04

– Lisa

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