Daily Juggle of Work, Family & Mountain Bike Racing

Velo Vixen’s race team member Noel just started her new blog called Mother’s Triathlon. So far we haven’t heard any rumors that Noel is planning on competing in a triathlon. Rather, her blog is about a different triathlon: the daily challenge in her three disciplines – work, family & mountain biking. It’s about her journey in being an active role model for her three kids, working a full-time job and competing more mountain bike races in 2014.

Find below Noel’s first blog entry, with many more to follow as the racing season picks up. Make sure to follow her blog: motherstriathlon.blogspot.com

As Chattanooga starts the process of hosting an Iron Man Triathlon, I cannot help think about all the mothers who run a triathlon everyday. Work, family health. Whether a women works in or outside the home she has three balls (or more) in the air at all times. I am no exception. I juggle work, family and mountain bike racing.

Being an active familySee, I feel very passionate about women not only having time for themselves but also being a role model of health for their children. I have found this balance with participating in mountain biking through a wonderful all sports club for women: The Velo Vixens. Last year I started racing on the Velo Vixen team. Through my participation, I have noted the excitement that my three kids have latched onto by seeing their parents compete as well as be physically active.

That is the type of example I would love for more women to set for the youth. You do not have to have children to go forth and excite children about being active. No matter your level of participation in a sport, you can change a child’s life by reaching out to help him/her realize the same excitement you experience. This year, I will work on this by not only encouraging my kids to ride their bikes more but also through helping the Velo Vixens sponsor a local youth mountain bike race series.

So, as I prepare for the new year of 2014, I am balancing my children’s sports schedule, my race schedule, my work schedule and most importantly family time. This is already daunting but necessary. Throughout this year I hope to be able to give some insight into how this mother’s triathlon progresses. School for the kids starts back tomorrow, winter baseball training starts and Gymnastics is back in full swing. Of course I am not doing this alone. My partner and co-pit crew member is also a supportive, active member of this team.

Go out and inspire!

– Noel

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