Ashley King: Race Team Member 2016

Where is your home base, Ashley?Ashley King

Harrison, TN

What type of races do you enjoy?

Mountain Biking, Triathlon, Road Running, Trail Running

What have been your 5 race highlights so far?

Last year, 2015, I really got involved with racing. I completed my first mountain bike races and triathlons, including Ironman Chattanooga 70.3. In 2014, I completed my first half marathon and it was so empowering for me. I decided I really liked racing after that point and wanted to keep going. in 2015, I completed Pick your Poison Mountain bike race. I didn’t come in last place so that was one of my own personal goals. In April of 2015, I completed the Hammer Sprint Tri, which was my first triathlon and placed 3rd for my age group. Another goal of mine last year was to finish Chattanooga Ironman 70.3. It was one of the most amazing feelings crossing that finish line and I can’t wait to complete the full this September.

What is a cycling dream of yours?

I have 2 small kids, and I can not wait to get them their first mountain bikes and get them out on the trail. They currently have scoot bikes and it makes me so happy when they want to “ride” with me.

What is your favorite place to be around Chattanooga?

This is a tough one for me… I absolutely LOVE being outside regardless. One of my favorites is Enterprise South.. the bike trails aren’t too difficult, but the versatility of this park is so appealing. I can road or mountain bike, road or trail run, and take my kids hiking.

I also love hiking and spending the day out on any trail.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

One of my best moments in the past year was climbing Mt. Mitchell in Asheville. It was the highest I had ever climbed and when we got to the top, it was such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

What is the first cycling memory you have?

I remember getting a pink and teal bike as a kid with tassels on the side. I was so excited to finally start riding a bike.

Why do you like to ride & work-out with other women?

I think the company is great, and women can really push each other! It helps to have the extra motivation.

What is your favorite piece of gear? And Why?

I love all of my different socks – they’re fun colored and the compression socks make my legs feel so much better.

What has been your best moment with the Velo Vixens so far?

This is a group of wonderful women from so many backgrounds and everyone does something a little different. There’s always an opportunity to learn.

Ashley King Photo 3

NightShift 2015

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